DG SBCA Ashkar Dawar refuses to suspend corrupt officers of Liaquatabad Town

Daily Yahoo News Exclusive Report
Karachi, Frere Road:SBCA Liaquatatabad officers have been promoting and protecting illegal buildings in Liaquatabad,Nazimabad and connected areas, as the DG SBCA Ahskar Dawar has been failed to even transfer out the corrupted SBI and BI level officers of Liaquatabad.
SBI Liaquatabad Javed Abdul Qadeer and BI Aurangzeb Ali Khan have been have been actively taking huge amounts form the builders of hundred of illegal buildings but DG has been unable to do any thing against these officers.
SBI Javed and BI Aurangzeb have taking nearly 18 to 27 lacs rupees from the each illegal building of Liaquatabad area. These two officers have been taking huge amount from the builders of Liaquatabad block 1 to 10 , C, C1 , B, B 1 areas. An illegal building has been built on plot number 5/943 by builder’s front man Amir Qureshi and that building has been protected by these two officers in exchange of huge amount. Similarly Amir Qureshi has been building an illegal 7 story building on plot number 8/264.An other illegal 7th storied building is being built on plot number 334 Qasimabad by estate agent Hamza and Younus Memon, that illegal building is also being protected by the SBI Javed and BI Aurangzeb
DG knows very well that SBI and BI have been fully involved in the scam of massive illegal constructions in Liaquatabad, But DG has been doing nothing to remove these corrupt officers from Liaquatabad.
It may be pertinent to know that only in B area of Liaquatabad more than 24 illegal high rise buildings are being built on plots numbers: 28/8 B Area Liaquatabad ,2/5 B area Liaquatabad,8/5 B area Liaquatabad,31/4 B area Liaquatabad, 52/2 B area Liaquatabad, 33/6 B area Liaquatabad, 71/16 B area Liaquatabad, 7/7 B area Liaquatabad, 11/6 B area Liaquatabad, 32/6 B area Liaquatabad, 39/6 B area Liaquatabad, 24/9 B area Liaquatabad, 60/23 B area Liaquatabad, 2/35 B area Liaquatabad, 66/24 B area Liaquatabad, 21/15 B area Liaquatabad, 23/15 B area Liaquatabad, 14/12 B area Liaquatabad, 3/18 B area Liaquatabad, 27/10 B1 area Liaquatabad, 24/12 B1 area Liaquatabad, 31/13 B1 area Liaquatabad, 6/15 B1 area Liaquatabad, 8/15 B1 area Liaquatabad, 15/22 B1 area Liaquatabad.these all illegal sites have been protected by the SBI Javed and BI Aurangzeb in exchange of heavy amounts.

On the other hand , SBI Manzoor Hussain Chandio his BI Imitiaz Sheikh have been playing the same role in Nazimabad areas of Liauatabad Town, but DG has been acting in the same way in that matter too.

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