Director , Deputy & others take huge amounts form the builders of Liaquatabad, periodically AD Ayaz Shahab claims to remains home to save himself from the corruption of his superiors

Daily Yahoo News Exclusive Report
29 January 2020
Frere Road, Karachi
Director Liaquatabad Amir Kamal Jaffery and Deputy Director Sarfaraz Jamali have become partners of illegal builders of Liaquatabad as both have been supporting , Protecting and even patronizing the constructions of 7 storied illegal buildings on pure small residential plots of 40 to 90 yards. Director Amir Kamal Jaffery, DD Sarfaraz Jamali, AD Ayaz Shahab, SBI Rizwan Khanzada and others have been taking million of rupees from the builders of under construction 7 storied illegal buildings in Liaquatabad block 5 to 10, B area, Sharifaabad, Qasimabad and adjoining areas. DG Zafar Ahsan has become just a puppet and he has been also taking lions share from that millions of rupees gratification money.
Irfan Chaddi of Liaquatabad has become the main partner of SBCA LIaquatabad officers , as he has become the main facilitator of builders mafia of Liaquatabad. Asif Memon kapray wala, Younus Memon mashalay wala, Shakeel Police wala, Rehan Muqeem ,Javed and other dozens of builders have given packages of their buildings to the SBCA Officers, each builder has been giving the package amounts of nearly 1 to 3 million rupees to the DD sarfaraz Jamali. Nearly 300 millions or 3 crore rupees have been given to the DD Sarfaraz Jamali , Sarafaz Jamali has been provding the share amounts to his superiors in SBCA. For that Director Liaquatabad Amir Kamal Jaffery has been also taking a major part of that amount. Nearly 3 crore rupees is being given to the SBCA Liaquatabad officers per month from the builders mafia, Irfan Chaddi has been coordinating most of these package deals.Irfan has established an Estate agency in bloc k 8 of Liaquatabad for a cover.
On the other hand Zia Kala of SBCA, Rizwan Khanzada and other SBCA Liaquatabad officers have established their respective circles of private beaters in Liauqatabad. Kamran Kamil, Rashid chori, Shakeel Makrani, Saeed bottle, Sharukh have been acting as private beaters of SBCA Liaquatabad in Liaquatabad areas, these private beaters provide the plots numbers of illegal buildings and builders cell phone numbers to SBCA officers and often collect the bhatta amount from the builders in behalf of SBCA officers. Contrary to common belief
Assistant Director Liaquatabad Ayaz Shahab told Yahoo News that he has not been going to office as he does not want to involve in the bhatta collection of SBCA Liaquatabad System. He claims that he has not been involved in any kind of corruption.He told that he does not want to even work in Liaquatabad Town and due to that he opted to remain in home despite being posted in Liaquatabad Town as an AD. He howeven acknowledged that SCBA officers have been patronizing illegal buildings In Liaquatabad in lieu of huge amount which is taken for the Director LQT office on a regular basis.

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