DG SBCA Zafar Ahsan Patronizes hundreds of illegal 8 storied buildings in LQT as not a single such building was ever fully demolished in Liaquatabad.

Daily Yahoo News Exclusive Report
Frere Road, Karachi:Not a single Illegal building in Liaquatabad has been fully demolished by the Sindh Building Control Authority during the previous ten years period, as more than 1800 illegal 7 to 8 storied flat types buildings have been built in Liaquatabad on pure residential plots by giving the average amount of 8 to 15 lacs from each building to SBCA Officers of Liaquatabad , as a certain amount of that reached to the level of SBCA DGs, as per reports. whenever someone makes a written complaints against those illegal buildings then usually nothing is happened in SBCA as they simply ignore these complaints, when some written complaints are sent to SBCA by effective ways then notices are issued by the SBCA and after taking additional few lacs rupees from the concerned builder these notices are dumped. If complaints are made persistently then fake and partial cosmetics demolitions are done and photos are taken and filed in the file. Additional Few lacs are taken from the builder for doing such face saving fake demolitions. It may be noted that present DG of SBCA Zafar Ahsan after taking his charge as a DG nothing has been done against the illegal Builders mafia who has been constructing hundreds of illegal 8 storied flat types building in Liaquatabad block 5 to 10 and in Nazimabad area of LQT Town. Zafar Ahsan has given a free hand to the Director LQT Ali Mehdi Kazmi , as Ali Mehdi Kazmi has been minting money from the hundred of illegal buildings being built in Liaquatabad and Nazimabad area of LQT Town. Ali Mehdi Kazmi has been given four charges ,ie he has been made Director of LQT, Gulberg Towns as well as Director of Anti Illegal construction cell and Director Information. Deputy Director of LQT Town Jamal, SBI Nadeem, BI Imran Qureshi and BI Ayaz Shahab have been managing packages deals from the hundred of builders of LQT Town, and these officers along with their Director have become billionaire after Joining the SBCA. SBCA Liaquatabad officers have made teams of Private boys in LQT who are tasked to do surveys and provide information about the illegal buildings being constructed in LQT Town.Younus Memon and Asif Memon have become the favorite builders of SBCA Liaquatabad as these two builders are being patronized fully by the SBCA Officers. Director LQT has been patronizing illegal buildings in lieu of millions of rupees, and it is understood that a certain part of that amount is sent to DG Zafar Ahsan , and Zafar Ahsan sends that amount to his brother and aides living in Canada, Zafar has also obtained Canadian Citizenship and his illegal assets are estimated in billions of rupees, which are managed by his brother and other dear and near ones. Zafar Ahsan used to live in his Father’s small home located in PIB colony when he joined SBCA , as his father who was the area councilor,managed to get his son employed in SBCA. Then Zafar made so much money that he accumulated billions of rupees equivalent assets and cash which were certainly beyond the limits of his Salary. It may be noted that Ali Mehdi Kazmi who is known the front man of Zafar has obtained bail before arrest from the Sindh High Court when recently an FIR 70/2019 was lodged against his Corruption in Anti Corruption East Circle. Zafar Ahsan has reportedly made his private place in DHA where he meets his favorite builders who make direct deals of multimillion amounts daily there. A senior Director of SBCA told Yahoo News that he has seen Zafar in a drunk state during multiples times in even office too. It may mentioned there that NAB has also also been working on various inquires and complaints against the Zafar Ahsan. One inquiry is related to a North Nazimabad matter. A call up letter was also sent to the DG office for the 26 September 2019 by the DD Coordination IW-I NAB Karachi Mirza Aleem Baig.

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