Deputy Director SBCA Zubair Murtaza becomes the de facto DG of SBCA, as DG Iftekhar Qaim Khani proved top in efficient and corrupt Officer

Liaquatabad, Karachi:Senior Building Inspector , Zubai Murtaza, who has been given an Additional illegal charge of Additional Director Liaquatabad and his team have sold out the SBCA by laws in the whole Liaquatabad as Zubair has become the main front man who has been doing multi million package deals with the Builders of Liaquatabad. As per Experts estimates , AD Zubair Murtaza, AD Nadeem, and Deputy Director Niaz Hussain Lund of SBCA Liaquatabad Town have been earning million of rupees daily from the builders of Liaquatabad as the DG SBCA and other senior Officers have been allowing that balatant massive corruption under their direct supervision . DG and other officers were being regularly reported about the massive corruption of above named officers but DG has been doing nothing to stop that. DG Ifhtekhar Qaik Khani has been proved the most in competent and corrupt officer by himself as he has destroyed the Karachi infra Structure by allowing thousands of illegal multi storied buildings in the whole Karachi during his tenure , whether as DG Master Plan or DG SBCA he has done great losses to the Karachi infra Structure.
AD Zubair has sold out multiples parks of Liaquatabad, Specially he has sold out the big chunk of Liaquatbad Nursery Park in block 6 to land mafia and builders, some elements of Memon Estates have taken possession of park land and Mobile Mall is being established in the Ground floor of that land, how ever 5 floors were also built in the stated land earlier.Similarly Zubair has sold nearly 200 yards of government street land adjacent to plot no 71 block 6 Liaqutabad. That site is being built by Irfan Chaddi and few memon builders of Liaquatabad.
On the other hand Nadeem , who was recruited in SBCA on a political basis has also been doing massive china cutting and he has become a billionaire by doing china cutting in Liaquatabad, he is stated to be behind in every second illegal building of Liaquatabad, specially in block 1 to 4 of Liaquatabad. He was dismissed from the service by the SCBA in past but later on by using his tactics he was reinstated by a fraudulently taken order.
Nian Hussain Lund was appointed illegal by Agha Siraj Durrani in 2011 on fake related documents as a Building Inspector but he has been given an illegal promotion of Deputy Director also recently, as he has been giving multi million rupees monthly to his political higher ups of PPP. Zubair Murtaza and his team have been taking nearly 18 lacs amount of package from the every builder , who is intending to build 7 storied flat site on pure residential 90 yards plots of Liaquatabad block 5 to 10 and related areas. Property brokers cum builders, Amir, Hamid, Zubair, Shakeel Police Wala,Asif Memon,Dr Yaqoob, Furqan Memon. Naeem Tillo, Naeem Khan, Abdul Jaleel Of Karachi Estate,Ejaz Kapkapi , two other memon builders and other mnay dozens of builders have become partner of Zubair Murtaza and his team.Building Inspector Imran Qureshi has also become very active and he has earned million of rupees in recent months too form the builders of Liaquatabad by allowing and promoting their illegal Buildings. Nearly all the officers of Liaquatabad Town have become millionaire, but Zubair Murtaza, Niaz Lund, And Nadeem have become billionaire, sources maintain. It may be noted that AD Zubair Murtaza, AD Nadeem, Deputy Director Niaz Lund have been working in their OPS Grades by Violation Supreme and other Higher Courts orders. Higher Courts have given ruling that no junior officer could be given any senior post by any means. But DG SCBA has given the higher grades to these officers as an Own pay Scale, OPS basis, which is quite illegal. But DG SCBA Iftekhar Qaim Khani has been acting against the orders of superior Judiciary.
AD Nadeem and his punter Anis have been reportedly managed to get thier postings orders of Liaquatabad withdrawn, these officers have earned enough from Liaquatabad and now they want to remain on the back front, but sources maintain that these officers have bcome portners in the majorit of Liaquatabad ilelgal Buildings.

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