Imran Anda simultaneously Builds 14 illegal buildings in Liaquatabad

SBCA AD Zubair Murtaza and other SBCA Officers become Partners of Illegal constructions
Imran Anda has become the builder who has been building too much illegal buildings at a time in Liaquatabad as he has been breaking the records of building of illegal buildings in Liaquatabad. Assistant Director of Liaquatabad Zubair Murtaza has taken the package of Nearly 14 illegal under constructions buildings of Imran Anda in Liaquatabad No 5 to 10. It may be noted that Imran was the originally an Estate agent but since the boom of illegal construction in Liaquatabad he has become Builder and recently he has out performed the Shakeel Police Wala, Rehan Muqeem, Memon and other leading Builders of Liaquatabad. On the other hand Various buyers who bought flats an portion from Imran Anda have been stating that Imran has not been picking their calls after taking the booking money.

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