Builders occupy roads and parks in Liaquatabad as SBCA protects them

Estate agents turned builders have been doing china and Germen Cutting in Liaquatabad as many dozens Buildings are being constructed on Parks and road land blatantly, Builder Irfan Chaddi, Asif Memon, Gulfam Bholo Imran Anda, Sagheer, and others have been building many dozens illegal buildings by encroaching upon cut lines and even parks land in Liaquatabad.
Gulfham Bholo and Irfan Chaddi have been building a market on cut line of plot no 671 Liaquatabad No 6,Area UC Chairman also reportedly raised objection against that construction. That multistoried market is being built on land which is a declared road, but its has been encroached by these builders to build that Market.
Similarly Asif Memon have been building illegal flats type 7 storied building on pure residential plot no of 207 Qasimabad , Asif Memon has also been constructing two more illegal such buildings on plot number 11, Block 7 and plot no 354 block 6, He has also occupied cut line for constructing these illegal buildings. SBCA AD Zubair Murtaza has reportedly taken the package of nearly 45 lacs rupees for protecting these illegal buildings. An other builder has been building such illegal building on plot no 305 block 6 Laiquatabad.the same builder has been constructing illegal building on plot no 07 Block 6 and plot no 601 block 6.
Most Illegal buildings are being built in Liaquatabad by Imran Anda, Shakeel Police wala , Rehan Muqeem, Asif Memon and another Memon builder . these builders claim that no body can do against their illegal buildings as they have become the partners of SBCA Senior management.
Some fake media men have also been involved in that scam as these so called media men take responsibility that no media would print or high light against those builders if they are given the protection money of nearly 10 lacs from each building, a group of 6 persons who live in Liaquatabad have been doing such activities for nearly 8 years. These persons pose them selves media men but in fact they don’t work for any media.
DG SBCA Iftekhar Qaim Khani has been doing nothing against the hundred of on going constructions of illegal buildings ,such protecting those activities

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