DG SBCA Iftekhar Qaim Khani supports Anti State Elements

Exclusive Report
Karachi,29 Dec 2018
DG Sindh Building Control Authority Iftekhar Qaim Khani has been actively supporting corrupt and Anti Pakistan Elements by giving postings to the officers who are Politically inducted in SBCA by the Zardari System. Jameel Memon, Maqsood Qureshi, Zubair Memon who were suspended due to their massive corruption and financial support to Anti State elements , once again have been given the postings in Jamshed and Liaquatabad Town, Jameel Memon who provides millions of rupees to Zardari System monthly has been once again minting money from the most posh area of Jamshed Town, while Acting Deputy Director Maqsood Qureshi and Acting Assistant Director Zubair Murtaza have been plundering the Liaquatabad Town by protecting the constructions of hundred of illegal commercial flats sites, these 7 storied Illegal flats sites are being built on pure residential 90 yards plots of Liaquatabad without obtaining any Structural approval. These building are being built even without taking any plan approval from the SBCA for 7 floors, it may be note worthy that now a single storey flat site is allowed in SBCA on residential plots , but hundred of 7 storied buildings are being built on pure residential plots with the full connivance of DG SBCA and his team. Zubair Murtaza is being used by the Anti Pakistani Elements for even money laundering purpose. Financial Monitoring Unit of State Banks has taking notice of such activities of DG SBCA.
It may be noted that the construction of 7 storied illegal flat site has been started on plot no 11 block 7 Liaquatabad by the front man of DG SBCA , numerous written complaints sent to DG SBCA by the neighbors of that site has been turned down by the SCBA DG. PSO 1 Umair Maqbood has also expressed his helpless position for taking any action against that massive corruption being done in SCBA and SBCA Liaquatabad.

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