DG SBCA Sold out by his Director Liaquatabad

Hundreds of Illegal buildings are being built in Liaquatabad with the consent of DG SBCA as he did not take any action on complaints sent to him by the area residents, Builders have been building illegal buildings on plot no 11 block 7, plot no 714 block 5, Plot No. 9/18 B 1 area, and plot no 16 block 7 without obtaining any approval and structures of those illegal 7 storied buildings are also made weakened as no structural approval is being taken for such buildings. These Buildings are being built on pure residential 90 yards plots, it may be recalled dozens of illegal buildings have been fallen off in Liaquatabad and many dozens human lives have been lost in such crimes, DG SBCA has been sold out by the Director of Liaquatabad Ali Mehndi Kazmi as Kazmi has deputed his SBI as a front man who has has been making all Package deals with the builders of area, and reportedly 15 lacs are being taken by the SBI on behalf of his bosses per building, Area Residents have sent numerous complaints to DG SBCA against the on going constructions of nearly 75 illegal Buildings but not a single building has been demolished so far, only cosmetic demolition is being done for filling of file work by the SBCA officers of Liaquatabad Town.

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