List of illegal buildings being built in Liaquatabad with the full connivance of SBCA officers during June 2018

Given below is the list of illegal G+6 building being built on residential plots without obtain any approval plan from SBCA, but SBCA LQT officers have been taking nearly 12 to 18 lacs from the builder of each illegal building, these buildings are being built without obtaining any structural approval too so these buildings are dangerous for human dwelling
List is given below:
Plot no .10/49, G+5 ,plot no. 10/153, G+5,plot no. 10/166, G+4 ,plot no.10/241, G+2,plot no. 10/257 , +3,plot no. 10/390, G+4, plot no. 10/435, G+4,plot no. 10/615, G+5,Plot no .9/280, G+4 ,plot no. 9/184, +4,plot no. 9/184, G+5 ,plot no. 9/4-A , G+3,plot no. 9/4 , G+5

Plot no .8/4, G+4 ,plot no. 8/13, G+4,plot no. 8/68, G+3 ,plot no. 8/83 , G+3,plot no. 8/167 , G+4, Plot no .8/165, G+4 ,plot no. 8/269, G+3,plot no. 8/353, G+4,plot no. 8/557, G+3

Plot no . 7/318, G+3+Shops ,plot no. 7/239, G+5,plot no. 7/263, G+2 ,plot no. 7/232 , G+2,plot no. 7/157 , G+5,Plot no .7/124, G+4 ,plot no. 7/70, G+3,plot no.

Plot no . 6/168-A, G+3 ,plot no. 6/375, G+5,plot no. 6/390, G+3 ,plot no. 6/398-D , G+5 ,plot no. 6/398-A , G+5,Plot no. 6/695, G+5
SBCA Officers AD Maqsood Qureshi, AD Zubair Murtaza, SBI Dileep Kumar, SBI Qamar Qaimkhani have been deputed in that area and they are partners in gloves with the builders.

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