DIGs, Senior Police officers to be sent home within days

Daily Yahoo News Exclusive Report
IG Sindh has rightly stated that Sindh police was being run on non professional basis by the his Predecessor AD Khawaja. Nepotism, Political appointments and postings were norm of the day during AD Khawaja tenure as AD khwaja did not have courage to overhaul the system, so he did his job as the yes man to his Political bosses ie PPP leaderships. Nearly 99.99 crimes were un reported in AD khawaja tenure as masses did not have any trust on his police department due to that, Even New IG Amjad Javed Saleemi has admitted that Sindh police has massive numbers of criminals in its ranks as criminals were inducted by the PPP and EX IG Sindh AD khawja did not do to eradicate them from Sindh Police, DIGs , SSPS and SHOs were all posted on political and favoritism basis. Daily Few crimes were reported in the jurisdiction of hundreds of Police Stations of Karachi, on the other hand nearly 50 crimes were actually being happened in the limits of nearly every Police station, but crime victims were not ready to go to Police and register their complaints as they know police would not do anything except adding more problems to their lives. So crime victims silently live their lives without reporting crimes, in Liaquatabad only daily many dozen streets crimes and other crimes were committed but Liaquatabad Police did not report these crimes, and no SHO and SSP were asked by the EX IG Ad Khawja to explain about that chaos.
New IG sindh Amjad Saleemi is known for his professionalism and strong Ethics so he is bound to issue orders of major reshuffling in Sindh and Karachi Police, many higher ranking Sindh Police officers would be sent to home within few days, Add IGs , DIGs , SSP and SHOs would be replaced soon as lists are being prepared in a very speedy manner, DIG East, West and South are expected to be replaced along their SSPs in coming days.

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