SBCA Directors present meager 40 lacs amount to ACE top Man

Prior to few days of retirement of Agha Maqsood Abbass, Anti Corruption Establishments sent nearly 14 inquiry notices against the 14 Directors of SBCA. After getting these notices Agha Maqsood Abbas asked one of his senior Directors to look into that matter and meet with the ACE top Officers to sort out things. Sources privy to that matter told Yahoo News that, then the stated Director of SBCA who is very close to Agha went to meet the top man of ACE, and that SBCA Director presented 40 lacs rupees to the top man of ACE and said that he has been giving that amount on behalf of 14 senior Directors of SBCA. that Director submitted that 40 lacs rupees in the Chairman office of ACE. Top man of ACE then asked that Director of SBCA that he should meet the Director of ACE , who issued these notices to SBCA Directors for the final conclusions. That even was happened Prior to 5 June 2018, before the retirement of Agha Maqsood Abbass, Agha has been facing various cases of corruptions in the Anti Corruption Courts too.

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