300 girls made Hostages in Sarim Burney’s Shelter home

300 girls made Priosners like in Sarim Burney’s Shelter home

Daily Yahoo News Exclusive Report
Sarim Burney Trust reportedly had made nearly 300 girls hostages in its female Shelter home located in North Nazimabad, Sources told Yahoo News that nearly 300 girls have been placed under custody like situation in Sarim Burney Shelter home for female as these girls went there to obtain temporary shelter but that shelter home made them hostage and confined these girls, these girls don’t have permission to go any where from the shelter home, as they are kept there like prisoners, if any girl want to do any job or go to any where outside the shelter home then she is not allowed by the Shelter home administration, These girls basic rights have been curtained by the shelter home so civic circles have made appeal to the Chief Justice Of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar to take notice of that situation and order and immediate corrective measures for that, Yahoo News would publish Sarim Burney Trust’s statement if they provide any to Yahoo News.it may be noted that Sarim Burney Trust takes million of rupees donations in the name of shelter home but these girls are kept there like war prisoners , That shelter home is housed in a 1000 yard place in Posh Area of North Nazimabad, but 5 girls are kept in a small single room, one female has been forced to cook the food of these 300 girls, also, Sources said, these all girls are mentally normal as Sarim Shelter home does not accept any mentally challenges girl his its shelter home.Yahoo News tried to contact Sarim Burney by calling his cell number but he did not pick the call. Female Shelter home is reportedly directly supervised by Sarim’s wife as she does have a her office in the shelter home, and Sarim Burney Trust main office near Aram Bagh is supervised by Miss Ayesha who was inducted in Trust nearly 2 years ago as an office assistant but later she took the position of next to Sarim Burney in his main office in a very short period of time.

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