SBCA does selective heavy demolition on plot no 797 block 5 LQT

SBCA did a selective demolition in Liaquatabad NO 6 where as hundreds of other illegal flat sites being built in the same area have been not even touched by the SBCA Demotion team. Director SBCA LQT Umair Maqbool directed the concerned Field Officers to carry out full demolition on plot no 797 block 6 LQT, so the Demolition teams and LQT SBCA Town field officers, BI Agha Shiraz, SBI Raza Khushk and SBI Dileep Kumar supervised the heavy Demolitions on that G+5 +PH building, which was recently built by the Builder Khalid.on the other hand hundreds of Illegal Buildings are being built in the same area by giving huge amounts to SBCa LQT officers. Builders Sagheer, Imran Anda Paratha, Sahakeel. Faheem, Irfan , Taufique, Pervez, Zubair, Danish, Asif Memon and few Memon builders have been building dozens of illegal flat sites in the same locality but they are being protected by the SBCA LQT Officers as they got huge share from these builders on monthly basis. It may be recalled that prior cosmetics or fake demolitions were done by the SBCA to complete their formalities as they were given the full packages of those sites, but now after a long time a heavy demolition has been done in LQT.

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