S 9 & S9 plus contains too many faults and short comings

S 9 & S9 plus contains too many faults and short comings
By Tausif Hanif
Samsung S9 and S9 plus have disappointed the cell phone users due to its short comings and extremely high price, Samsung has been heading towards a devastation as it has been taking the basic core functions of phones, ie there is no Infrared system, no FM radio, No Extra dedicated card slot. that means you cant use S9 and S9 plus as a remote for electronic devices due to un presence of Infrared button system, although many non branded phones have infrared system, so the extra dedicated sd card slot is not present also there so you cant extent the storage, only dual sim edition has sd card option which uses the second sim tray, so you cant use dual sims and sd card together. Battery life is also just for the one day, and its back side is finger print prone. These are the basic short comings which Samsung could not rectify in its latest cell phones, which highly disappointed the cellular market. On the other hands its extremely highly priced, ie in Karachi Market S9 is priced above the one lac. If you are using S8 and S8 plus then you normally don’t need to buy S9 and S9 plus as S9 is the copy of S8 and there is only one plus point which is its camera aperture size which is 1.5 which means you can take sharper images in semi dark scenes, if you have S7 edge or S7 than you don’t have any need to upgrade your phone models vis S9, Yahoo would advice you to buy S8 or S8 plus or Note 8 which has better functions and less prices in Karachi Market.

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