Sindh Govt destroys Public and Private Hospitals

Sindh Government as usual have failed to monitor Private Heath Care Units ,Hospitals and clinics as mostly these Health care units have become the money minting centers by miss treating and providing worst medical treatments to the Citizens of Karachi,Nearly All the KMC and Sindh Government runs Hospitals and Health Care units have been already destroyed by the Politically based postings of Doctors and staff.No regular Monitoring is done to any Private Hospitals, Doctors there prescribe un necessary Laboratory Tests of MRIs, Ultra Sound and CT scan as they are being paid commission by these Laboratories. Doctors of these Private Health centers and Hospitals charges unjust higher amounts but in return they don’t provide any proper medical care and treatment. Secretary Health Fazal Pechu is the relative of Asif Ali Zardari so his posting is always done on non merit basis.Sindh Health Ministry has destroyed all government and private Health care units that now they are just minting money in the name of providing medical treatment. Govt Hospitals lack proper Equipment and treatment so they are treating patients miserably, when patient turn to any Private Hospital there he is charges a fortune by these Hospitals,Saifee ,Liaquat Hospitals have been become worst as both provide bad treatment and charge Thousands of rupees from patients.
Only Army Runs Health care units and Hospitals are providing better treatment with latest equipment and expertise to eve Civil Patients too. PNS SHIFA, PAF Hospital,Faisal base are much better than any other Private and Government’s Hospitals in Karachi.

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