Multi Million KMC Printing Press funds embezzled

Director of MMD Ali Hassan Sajjid has posted Imam Bukhash as his front man in KMC Press, Imam Bukhash was earlier retired from the KMC Press but he has been illegally re employed on contract basis by the Ali Hassan Sajid, Imam Bukhash on the behalf of Ali Hassan Sajid, has been miss appropriating  million of KMC printing press funds  by using fake dummy billings of Generators , Machinery and other accounts heads. It may be noted that Director MMD Ali Hassan Sajid has been using his private printing pres Al Hassan Academy for getting the huge printing contracts of KMC Printing press, he has wrote to his high ups that since  KMC Press has not proper machinery etc so he has outsources the work to private companies, but the reality is that  Ali Hassan Sajid has given the KMC Press work to his own private Press which is located near Jang  Office building I I chundrigar road.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں