Newly Posted Director  Liaquatabad Umair Maqbool failed to control illegal constructions

All kinds of  mafias have joined hands for the promotion of illegal flat sites buildings in Liaquatabad Town as more than 2000 illegal buildings have been built in Liaquatabad during previous  10 years, More than four Directors have been changed in Liaquatabad Town during a year but still illegal constructions are rampant in liaquatabad No 1 to 10.

Now currently Umair Maqbool  has been given the  post of Director of Liaquatabad Town after relieving Ejaz  ul Haq from that post, but thousands of illegal buildings  are still being built as the Corrupted Field  Officers of Liaquatabad Town  are all encouraging these illegal constructions for their financial interests.SBI Raza Khushk , BI Agha Sheraz and related field officers have been taking package deals from each illegal buildings, usually these officers have been taking 12 lacs packages from the every builder of G+5 building being builit with their protection, and each and every illegal building is beign built by that way. Umair Maqbool has not been able to control that menace and these two field officers have been damaging the reputation of Umair Maqbool too in a very rapid way. Umair Maqbool is unable to replace his Corrupted SBI Raza and BI Agha Sheraz

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