Pervez Musharaf becomes the Leader of PSP and MQM Pakistan

PSP and MQM Pakistan and all other Mohajir Parties  have  come under the command of Pervez   Musharaf as Pervez Mushrah has finally formalized all his home work and now  MQM Pakistan and PSP would work under his supervision and command. Yahoo News had reported that few months ago . All Mohajirs would come under the supervision of  Pervez Musharaf and all the stake holders have reportedly reached an agreement for that.Mustafa Kamal and Dr Farooq Sattar  become  united on a common agenda while speaking at a joint press conference yesterday night at Karachi  Press Club. All Mohajir Parties would work under the  Supervision of Pervez Musharaf

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں