SBCA Liaquatabad Team collects further 50 lacs after taking 5 crores by using Director Vigilance name

SBCA Liaquatabad  Officers  break  all records of their  own corruption as Deputy Director Ahtesham and his team have been demanding  and collecting further 50 lacs from the 50 illegally built buildings in Liaquatabad No.5 to 10, Senior Building Inspector LQT Town Raza Khushk and his BI have been already taken 10 lacs package amount from almost all the builders of same area already, which means SBCA Liaquatabad Town Officers have taken 5 Corer rupees from builders of these 50 illegal buildings during recent  months.

SBI Raza Khushk has been demanding further 50 lacs since 30th October 2017, he has been claiming that he has to give that amount to the vigilance cell of SBCA as early as possible within a week. Many builders have paid to him and further have been paying him.Two brokers are also collecting that extra amount from these builders in the name of SBCA officers.

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