Director Media KMC Ali Hassan Sajid  gets nearly 10 crores worth  plots

An illegally appointed Director Media of KMC Ali Hassan Sajid has  reportedly purchased two Houses in Posh areas of Karachi Defence and Darul Salam society  worth of many corores. Director Ali HassanSajid has obtained a big 500 yard  plot in DHA  Karachi worth of more than 10 Crores and he has been constructing a lavish house on that plot, earlier he has bought a luxurious house in Darul Salam Korangi area worth of crore of Rupees also. He has  not shown these assets in his income tax returns and other related departments. To save his neck he has been living in a flat in an other area, it may be worth while to mention that he has given a car to his son for his personal use, which was issued to him by KMC for only official use. That car is being used by his son and all the fuel and  maintenance expenses of that vehicles are being taken illegally from KMC fund.

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