DC Central office used for kidnapping of Builders and Labours

DC Central office took half of dozens  Builders and labors  into “ custody” from the various illegal construction sites located in Liaquatabad No 5 and adjacent areas, but no  FIRs or  cases were registered against them, these persons were taken into dubious custody from the plot no 668 block 5 and other plots where illegal commercial flats were being built with the connivance of SBCA Liaquatabad officers. Sources maintain that some officers of DC Central office often kidnap labours from illegal sites and then release them after taking Bhatta amount from the builders  etc, during previous years more than 60 labours were taken kidnapped by some staff officers of DC Central Office and but  no case or  FIRs were registered against them as all of them were released after taking huge amounts.

It may be noted that SBCA Assistant Director Imran Rizvi and his subordinates have been protecting ongoing 160 illegal building being built in LQT and they have been taking nearly 12 lacs from each builder, SBI Raza Khushk and BI Agha Sheraz has striking these deals on behalf of Assistant Director Imran RIzvi

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