Careem and Uber charge double & triple Fares

Careem and Uber has been  cheating  commuters in the name of peak charges as both companies have been charging 3 time more charges in peak hours, initially they have been offering competitive fares which  means  that anyone could  travel to 10 Km distance in usually within  250 to 300 rupees per now they have been using the peak hours terms and  applying 2 or 3 times more fares amount in peak hours. Many commuters who took Careem and Uber rides told that they were initially paying reasonable amount around 200 for a 5 km ride but now they have been forced to pay 800 rupees fares on peak hours or during  traffic Jams. Careem has been charging extra 330 per hours if their car is moving below the 15 km Per hours on roads, that amount is billed as extra amount other than the regular fare amounts. Usually both companies charge peak  hours surging fares during office  going and office leaving hours ie 9 to 12 afternoon and  5 pm to  10pm.

As there is no public transport system in Karachi so Citizens specially females have been using Careem and Uber regularly as more than 70 percent commuters of those companies are females.Sindh Government and Traffic Police have been only minting money from Karachi and doing nothing for  safe guarding the masses of Karachi.

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