Multi Millions given   to Director SBCA Ejaz, LQT builders claim

B and adjacent areas of Liquatabad have become the prime area for illegal constructions as  more than 50 illegal flat sites are being built in B and adjoining  area with the full partnership of area Senior Building Inspector  and BI. Builders Hamid , Mehmood ,Naveed Memon have been building most of these building as they have been claiming that Director of Liaquatabad Town of SBCA was being provided 15 lacs for every illegal buildings in B area and adjacent areas. SBI Raza Khushk and BI Agha Sheraz took reportedly 15 lacs from each building in the name of their Director  EJaz ul Haq,  Hamid builder has been building an illegal flat site on plots nos 9/1 and10/1 without getting the amalgamation permission, Hamid has been building illegal 8 shops on these adjacent plots.  Area SBI and BI have been reportedly taking huge package in the name of their Director.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں