HBL&MCB Banks conceal non claimed billions of amount

Bank Mangers of Habib Bank and MCB banks have been deliberately concealing billion of amounts deposited in their  banks ,which is not being operated for 10 years so that amount is being miss used by Bank Authorities for their personal benefits. There are many hundreds accounts which are not being operated by the account holders for nearly 10 years due to various reasons. so that deposited amount has been termed as non claimed amount by these banks, but as per banking laws these accounts are supposed te be advertised in print and Electronic media regularly till the  actual heirs are traced and that amount is given back to their heirs but Bank officials have been concealing these hundreds of non claimed accounts and they have been using that deposit amount for buying stocks of shares and investing in property for just their personal benefits.FIA Banking Circle has  been investigating that matter and many bank managers have been issued notices for having their statement in that multi billion scam.

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