Samsung Note 8 failed in  Pakistani  Market

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been failed in Pakistani Market due to its default system, specifications and Insane high  price,  Samsung has launched that Note 8 at the price of nearly 1 lac 10 thousands which is considered too high for the Note 8 specifications by the Pakistani  Market and Dubai Market. Its has no IR blaster, Its iris Scanner is not working perfectly, there is not dedicated memory card slot in dual sims and single sim variant. Battery is also low powered and  non removable,Battery is just 3300 mAH, which has even smaller capacity then S7 Edge, S7 Edge has 3600 mAH, Note 8 would be useless after a year and half use as the buyer would not be able to replace the battery himself. On the other hand nobody could use that Note 8 single handedly due to its tall height. Its not pocket able or portable. Stylus is nearly the same as it was in Note 5. S Pen is just like a  gimmick as  well as the Bixby Assistant does not understand UK or Pakistani English accent, so it’s useless for Pakistani Market, it only understands US English accent. It has not radio  too,as per users Note 8 price should be nearly 70k, users have been expecting that its price would be reduced  due to its failure to grasp the Pakistani Market. Experts are advising that Note 8 should not be bought unless waiting for 4 months if one is adamant to buy it

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