Online shopping web sites charge  much higher than market prices

Nearly all the Online shoping portals of Pakistan have been charging extra 20 to 40 percent from the buyers as consumers are being looted by these web sites,  and nearly all other online buying web sites in Pakistan have been making fool of the consumers, They often provide defective and unwanted sub standard fake consumers items and they don’t    take defective and fake items backs, they take money first via the TSC delivery man and then the TCS man gives box packed item to the buyer, so there is no system of prior checking the quality of recieved  items , once payment has been paid to the TCS guy then the buyer is able to open the delivered goods,after  opening the box TCS guy does not take  back any defective items etc, so the consumers have to keep these defective items . There is not consumer courts in Karachi and Sindh so  Consumers could not go any where to lodge his complain against the fraud of these online portals.Shakeel Baig of CRPC, Kaukab Iqbal and Imran Shezad have been appealed by the consumers to take serious step against   these frauds. Senior Journalist Hussan Ara has been doing nice work also like Shakeel Baiq and  Imran Shezad for the establishment of Consumers Courts in  Sindh and Karachi. Spcailly Imran Shezad has done great efforts for the establishment of consumer Courts in Sindh,but so far they all have been failed by the  Sindh corrupt bureaucracy.

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