No health treatment for masses in Karachi

There is no Health facilities in Public Sector in Sindh and Karachi which can provide basic health facilities to the masses. There are three Major  Public  Hospitals , namely Jinnah, Civil and Abbassi Shaheed Hospitals, Jinnah and Civil are run by ever corrupted   Sindh Government and Abbassi Hospital is being run by KMC Lead political entity. All of these three Hospitals have pathetic patient care and treatment system, Majority of staff and doctors are inefficient, appointed on sifarshi parchi system so they cant provide proper patient care to the masses.No professional expertise and qualifications are seen for appointing these Doctors. They often perform duties as per their moods. Often they provide bad medical treatment to patients which cause irreparable losses to the value able lives.

NICVD which is known as a Heart Hospital has also been destroyed by the Sindh Government on same pattern of nepotism and corruption. Karachi Institute of Hearh  Diseases KIHD ,run by the KMC has also become the non proper medical Facility due to the corrupt practice and political pressure exerted on its affairs.

Only SUIT , Indus , Dow and Patel Hospitals ,which are run independently of any Government interference are regarded fair Hospitals for all. But Indus and SUIT have limited beds and resources so they  cant cater the public  fully, one patient told Yahoo News that he went to Indus for his bone fracture incident in Indus Hospital but he came to know that there are only 12 beds are available for orthopedic ward , he later got bed in Indus as there were some one he knew better in that Hospital, so  Indus have also been not able to cater the public as its has been returning patients due to non availability of beds and resources. Dow campus near Karachi University has been providing better facilities but often patients have to wait longer time to avail these facilities.

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