6th Reminder Letter to DIG Traffic by the Editor of Daily Yahoo News regarding the chaos traffic condition and Auto Rickshaw Mafia.

6th Reminder Letter to DIG Traffic by the Editor of Daily Yahoo News regarding the chaos traffic condition and Auto Rickshaw Mafia.

You are requested to issue directions for the protection of Citizens of Karachi as Male and Female passengers are being looted vehemently by the Criminal  Auto Rickshaw drivers for years.

  • More than 6 lacs Auto Rickshaws are plying on the Karachi roads without  Fare Meters and they have been charging very excessive fares from the innocent Citizens of Karachi. Government approved rates are 9 rupees Per Kilometer for these Rickshaws but they have been charging more than 50 rupees per Kilometer
  • 80 Percent drivers of these Auto Rickshaws are either addicts of Hashish or involved in crimes, they often harass , miss behave and always charge excessive amount on the pretest of one and other excuses, if  passenger sits on a Rickshaw for agreeing  rupees 150  fares , the passenger is forced to pay more than 250 after reaching the destination, on the pretext of traffic  jams and other lame excuses , thus passengers are looted by these Auto  Rickshaw drivers. If Passenger refuses to pay excessive amount then these drivers often quarrel with the passengers and often attack the passengers, so most of the passengers are forced to pay nearly double amount by that way. Traffic police is utterly failed to curb that as it has no mechanisms to prevent these incidents
  • Yahoo News learnt that most of the Auto Rickshaw drivers harass female commuters and often try to exploit them physically , financially and mentally. Few females told Yahoo News that they were shown draggers by the  Auto drivers and forced to do what these drivers did with them.

You are required to    issue given below directions urgently for the protection of Passengers of Rickshaw and other Transport:

  1. All Rickshaws should be directed to write their Registration Numbers in front of Passengers seat so that Passengers can note that number and make a complaint in case of any violations. All buses coaches etc should be directed the same.
  1. All the Auto Rickshaw drivers should be registered and directed to wear Uniform , and their Registration Number, and names should be  written on the back and front of their uniform so that Passenger can note down  individual Registration Number and name  etc in case of any crime committed by specific  A data base of Rickshaw drivers should be  maintained  by Traffic Police along with their Registration Numbers so that any Rickshaw driver could  be traced out in case of any complaint. Now Traffic Police could not trace out the address of any Rickshaw driver as there is no proper updated data base of these Rickshaws or their drivers.
  1. Traffic Police should initiate a prompt regular movement against the Rickshaw drivers who don’t have fare meters and charge excessively , at least daily 500 Auto Rickshaws should be fined with heavy amounts for that.

Yours Truly

Tausif Hanif

Editor of Daily Yahoo News

0321 2960002

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