Estate  Agent Taufique and others build shaky constructions in LQT

Yahoo News Exclusive


Estate agent Taufique   and dozens of   builders have been building most weakened structured G+5  buildings in Liaquatabad No 5 to 10 area to save nearly 20 lacs extra from their  illegal buildings, Taufique uses 2 soot iron from plinth to all  upper 5 floors, normally at least 5 soot iron is used by the builders , it may be noted that  10 soot are 1 inch, which is equal to 25.4 millimeters. That means that one soot equals precisely 2.54 millimeters. Taufique  does not use concrete walls as he uses bricks on almost all walls which causes very weak structure for dwelling. But most gravely he uses 8:1 ratio of Sand and Cement  in the constructions of beams and floors etc. by Standard one has to use 4 sacks of sand with one sack of cement but Taufique uses only one   sack of cement with 8 sacks of sands, which is highly  dangerous. He also don’t give enough time for the water absorbing of floor structure, as he builds G+5 structure in 4 months, but no building is considered durable which is built in less than 9th months.These  estate agents also don’t use Sulfate resistance cement for the plinth and base and they use ordinary cement which makes non durable plinth and base.

Taufique , Sagheer, Hamid , Zeshan  and other Majority of other estate agents cum builders have been playing with the lives of innocent citizens and officers of SBCA Liaquatabad specially BI Agha Sheraz and AD Raza Khushk have been protecting these weakened structured only to mint money for their personal interests.

On the other hand   sources claim that one estate agent Imran Anda Paratha is known for building quality structure  as his built buildings are considered strongly built due to the better quality of constructions materials.  Reportedly Builder Younus and Nadir also don’t compromise on building materials and their built buildings are considered safe.

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