Director Liaquatabad Abdul Hameed Zardari remains mum

Yahoo News Exclusive Report

Director Liaquatabad Abdul Hameed Zardari keeps mum over the constructions of hundreds of illegal buildings as BI Agha Sheraz, SBI Raza Khushk, AD Imran Rizvi  protect illegal building in exchange of heavy bucks. Liaquatabad has been plagued by the weakly built structured buildings as not a  Single G+5 building is approved or ratified by anybody. Nearly 10 buildings have been collapsed partially and fully after the constriction during previous years, dozens of persons have been killed and many dozens paralyzed due to the collapses of these buildings ,when some dwellers of these buildings try to hammer on the iron nails in the wall then the whole plaster comes out of the wall which shows how badly these buildings are built.

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