Chippa Edhi & Aman Ambulances rob Citizens

Ambulances services of Chippa, Edhi and Amman foundations have been looting the public and they are not by any means doing any welfare, as they are being run as a full fledged commercial level. When we called Chippa 1020 to have a ambulance for our road Accident effected staff, Zareen baba, Chippa kept saying that they are on their way but they did not  reach  near Burns road for nearly an hour, once driver of the ambulance said he was on way, then when called twice he told that he is few minutes away, then later he said his ambulance is unable to start. We called  Chippa head office 1020 again but they kept saying that their ambulance is reaching soon, but they did not reach nearly for an hour so that we had to hire a auto Rickshaw and shifted the road accident patient to Civil Trauma on Auto Rickshaw.

After getting the treatment of our patient Zareen Khan from the Trauma we called once again for the Chippa Head Office Phone no 1020 per they told us that Chippa ambulance is not available for the trauma Center as you have to go to the Chippa booth located near the  Civil Hospital other parts. It’s the irony that the critically injured patients are not able to get the Chippa Ambulance on Trauma Emergency gate via phone call. So the Edhi ambulances are also not available at the Trauma center via phone call,  Mostly these patients could not be moved in other vehicles after treatment due to their injuries  and fractured bones, but no ambulance service is available via phone call there, one has to go their kiosks many times and after a long wait they show up. it  may  be noted that hundreds of Chippa and Edhi ambulances are standing on their centers idle as  they don’t  provide services to needy patients but when they see any event where  media camera are present then they rush up there with dozens of ambulances as they only want  media coverage to make us fool. They are getting million of rupees as donations but they are  fully commercial but often  they are more than  commercial and inefficient.

Punjab government has launched an excellent ambulance service as a Rescue 112 but here in Karachi no body cares for the citizens. Citizens of Karachi are now wishing that they should be adopted by Punjab to get any worth while government services as Sindh Govt only plunders them

We were told currently Chippa Ambulance service is charging minimum 300 rupees , Edhi has been charging 200 rupees and Aman Foundation has been charging minimum 2000 rupees , so they are not being run on welfare basis.   When inquired the drivers told us that Chippa staff is being paid nearly 14000 rupees per month as a salary, and Edhi Staff is getting merely 4500 rupees per month as a salary so Edhi ambulance driver  asks more money from the patients to get even. That was proved when we got the Edhi ambulance for our patient so the driver asked Rs.300 instead of Rs.200 , that was clear that Rs 100 from each patient were going to the pockets of staff.

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