KMC Staff to get 15 percent from the KMC revenue

KMC employees would get nearly 15 percent from the revenue they generate for KMC, that proposal has been finalized and  Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhter would give approval for that proposal soon, sources maintain.

Senior officer of KMC told Yahoo News that since the revenue system of  KMC has been collapsed as only 3 billion is expected to come as a KMC internal revenue for the current fiscal year, so it has been decided that monetary incentives would be given to the all staff of concerned revenues generating KMC department. That way KMC would get at least 6 billion yearly revenue from its own departments.

KMC senior management has decided that they should not see towards Sindh govt for the revenues and KMC should be  self sufficient in its  income so that it may not be crippled by the Sindh Government as usual. Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhter has been taking advice from the team of his senior aides who include, Masood Alam, Syed Shaikaib, Khalid Shiekh. These officers have been giving practical feasible advice to Mayor Karachi for revenue generation.

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