SBCA Director Adil Omar  Siddqui  either arrested or detained

Senior Director of SBCA Adil Omar Siddiqui has been mysteriously disappeared, as some sources are claiming that he was picked up by some officers and was either detained of arrested for many hours. He was being questioned about his involvement in various illegal money laundering and related matters. It is not yet clear that who picked him up and what transpired during his detaining period. It may be noted that an account officer of SBCA Tahir has provided the details of accounts and assets of Adil Omar to an Investigating agency few weeks ago. Few properties located in Saima Trade Towers have been traced  by the investigation agency and it was found that Adil is the real owner of these properties worth of many crores. Yahoo News tried to contact him via his cell phone but he was not accessible and did not respond.

It may be pertinent to mention that there were some NAB cases shelved against him and many dozens of inquiries being probed by ACE and other agencies.

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