Builders pay 10 crore to LQT officers in one week

Builders of LQT Town paid  nearly 10 crore rupees to the Deputy  Director . Assistant Directors and BI’s of Liaquatabad Town during previous weeks. Esate agent who has been acting as a builders in Liaquatabad block 1 to 10 and Nazimabad block 1 to 7 have given nearly 10 crore amount to save their illegal buildings, Deputy Director LQT issued few dozens demolition notices to the various illegal builders and resultantly SBCA Staff carried out cosmetic demolition from these sites after taking huge amount from these builders. SBCA staff and officers did holes in the structures of these building but did not cut the pillar of beams of any building as they have been given the required amount, so they did cosmetic demolition and took pictures then  filed pictures in  the concerned files to fool the masses, DG SBCA also knows that corrupt practice but he is unable to take any action , so he takes cosmetic actions too and he is forced to keep his eyes closed too.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں