Rangers  needed  policing powers

Karachi police has been utterly failed to save Karachi from street criminals as It has proved often that Police has no mechanism for protecting citizens . Rangers should be given the policing power in sindh, as Rangers are much trained and are much respected by the citizens, Ranger should be given the authority to lodge FIR directly , run an independent investigation, prosecute and submit challans   in special Army Courts against the street criminals and other anti social elements, as mostly criminals have taken shelter in the ranks and file of various powerfull political parties, and no citizen can risk his life by giving statement as a witness against criminals, that is the core reason that most criminals are set scot free and ordinary courts could not punish criminals due to the lack of witnesses, there is no program for the protection of witnesses in Sindh, so only Army Courts are the only answer for keeping criminals element in jail.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں