PPP targets PSP leadership

PPP led  Sindh govt has been trying to arrest PSP Leader Mustafa Kamal as he has issued a call for a million  march against the Sindh Rulers. PPP leadership has been worried about the outcome of that march as it is being feared that participant of that March would reach in the red zone and would                          make their ways toward the houses of various PPP leaders. Citizens of Karachi have been fully fed up with the PPP led  Sindh govt as it has literally destroyed the whole Karachi  and every citizen is full of anger and sense of deprivation ,sources maintain.

On the other hand key establishment  players have been supporting PSP leadership and they would make PPP Led  Govt effort s futile.

14 May could be the doom day for the PPP in Sindh, informed sources maintain.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں