80 illegal buildings make 8 crore for SBCA officers

80 Illegal flats types buildings have been completed in Liaquatabad Town  and  averagely 8 crore rupees have been given to the concerned SBCA Officers for allowing the construction of these illegal buildings on pure residential plots. Hundreds of iilegal flats types buildings are under construction too and SBCA Liaquatabad officers have been taking nearly 10 to 12 Lacs rupees from each G+4+Pent House building . The above mentioned 80 building have been built in just 5  months although structure of any G+4+PH building should be technically built in ten months ,but the estate agents of Liaquatabad have been minting money by building these weakened structured building in mere 5 monhts. Almost each Estate agent have become so called builder they have been building many dozens buildings.

That 8 crore amount has been distributed among the each concerned officer of Liaquatabad Town. Director Liaquatabad Town  Zafar Ahsan was given the major chunk of that amount, source maintain .

Illegal portions/Flats type building have been completed on gieven below and residential plots:
5/305;5/517;5/618;5/625;5/755;6/554;7/20:7/163;7/165 and  many dozens of plots in Liaquatabad block 1 to 10.

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