DG SBCA supports china cutting in Liaquatabad’s Parks

Mushroom growths of Illegal multistoried flat type buildings are being oberved in Liquatabad as DG SBCA Agha Maqsood Abbass has been unable to do any thing against the Director of SBCA LQT Town Zafar Ahsan. Recently  G+5 floor buildings are  being built on two  amenity plots of 3/38, 4/38 ,in Student Ground of B1 area LQT, by the builder Feroz . Building Inspector Nadeem who was transferred out from the  Liaquatabad Town few weeks ago , has taken the package of plan approval and giving amounts to concerned  Director ,AD and BI of the Town. Area Persons have  made complaint regarding that scam but Director  Zafar Ahsan, AD Imran Rizvi, BI Dileep Kumar have been actively supporting the builder so far, and even DG SBCA Agha also has been protecting that china cutting matter in Liaquatabad area, nearly half of dozens parks have been encroached and converted to china cutting by the builders mafia with the full connivance of SBCA officers. Yahoo News tried to have the version of SBCA officers but they did not have to say any thing for defense

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