DG SBCA , Senior officers have Offshore accounts, Assets & Dual Nationality: SBCA officers testify

Various Accounts and Audit officers of SBCA have given their statement once again to investigators that DG SBCA Agha Maqsood Abbass and 5 Directors have offshore accounts, Dual Nationalities or multiple visas of various countries. Earlier EX Chief Controllers of SBCA Rauf Akhter Farooqui and  Mumtaz Ur Rehman had also the Nationality of Canada while they were serving the SBCA. these two officers shifted multi million worth of  money by money laundering to Canada and other countries. One of the senior officer of SBCA Atiq Baig had also the dual Nationality of Canada. EX DG SBCA kaka has also the same Canadian dual Nationality

Now one Account Officer of SBCA has been claiming that DG  Agha Maqsood Abbass , Director Zafar Ahsan, Director Safdar Magsi and few other  Directors have also the Dual Nationality or Multiple visas of USA , Canada and other overseas countries on the revelation of that information a letter has been sent the Embassies of these countries asking them whether these officers are their Nationals. That Account officer further has given a list of their non moveable properties in Pakistan, Dubai, USA , Canada, Malaysia and other countries.

On the other hand various officers of SBCA Accounts department revealed that their seniors officers are involved in  gross corrupt practices . but no media persons write against them as nearly all the media reporters are  managed by the SBCA, one  Ex senior Director of SBCA told Yahoo News that 99 percent of Senior Officers are corrupt to the core of their base. He told that only Samit Ali Khan and an other  officer namly  Iqbal are not corrupt and remaining 99 percent SBCA officers are corrupt.

Yahoo News tried to contact DG SBCA for having his version but he and other concerned officers did not attend calls.

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