SBCA Finance and Accounts officers get huge benefit for clearing salary of illegally appointed persons

Finance and Accounts department of SBCA has illegally approved the personal and salary files of illegally appointed 2600 employees in SBCA who were inducted on political grounds by the Ex DG of SBCA Abdul Qadir Kaka, sources maintain that Two accounts and Audit officers, ie AAO Tahir and Assistant Audit officer Fazal Abbass got huge benefits as they approved salaries of these illegally appointed persons in SBCA, these two officers did not even bother to check and verify the educational and other credentials certificates of these newly inducted employees which caused million of losses to Ex chequer and few months ago 60 of these newly inducted employees were sacked as they submitted fake degrees.NAB has been probing that case actively and a reference would be filed soon , NAB has been keeping its investigation as a secret as it wants to apprehend Kaka and his partners in crimes.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں