Be ware of fake GSD sellers on olx, Karachi

There are few persons who are cheating citizens of Karachi by selling them Non  Pure bred  German Shepherd puppies. These cheater persons tell that they live at Seaview DHA, and are not brokers but doing some other business , they further claims that they  have few puppies at their homes and they want to sell them to good families who can  take care of those puppies. They claim that they have shortage of space in their home so they cant keep puppy there, and due to that reason they are selling their puppies. and they have few puppies left, they claim that also

But the fact is that they are brokers and sell non vaccinated puppies of nearly 6 weeks old, which resulted that almost their sold every puppy has been died within 2 or 3 days, Many persons called me and told me they have been cheated by these persons , almost every person told me that their given puppies  expire within few days, one young man from Gulshan told me that his cousin bought a puppy from these seaview  persons , and when their bought puppy died within two days , then his cousin went to the home of these persons who dwell near SeaView DHA, but that cousin was threatened and  slapped by the cheaters sellers.

Internationally there is a norm that no puppy should be sold prior to at least 8 to 12 weeks age period, and the  puppies should be nursed  and cared by their mother for at least 8 weeks. but these cheaters sell GSD and other puppies who are under aged period of  6 weeks old, they never provide any vaccination to their puppies  prior to selling , they claim that puppy could not have vaccinated until he reaches at the age of 8 weeks  . but their given puppies are almost infected with parvo and distemper virus which is lethal for the puppies .  and a good vet doc would tell you that first shot of parvo vaccine is given to the puppy in 6 weeks age.

So potential buyers of puppies and dogs are advised to check the vaccinated record of the concerned puppies, prior to making any decision about buying them. Never ever buy any puppy who has not been vaccinated of Parvo virus and other virus, as that virus is a killing virus for all the puppies, once infected , the infected puppy could not be cured by vet also in majority of cases and that virus could be easily transmitted by other puppies to other puppies, if you Google about that virus you would know that that if the infected puppy is keep in a place for even few minutes at any place , then the any puppy who visit that place can have been infected easily by that virus, and that virus remains alive for years even if the infected puppy has left that place for years back. So the best precaution is to have vaccinated your puppy in time to safeguard it from that lethal virus,

While buying any GSD dog or puppy from olx it is advised to take the genuine photo copy of seller,and try to snap a picture  of seller from your cell phone and make sure that the seller is not a broker, as Majority of sellers in olx are brokers /dealers/commission agents who would  buy a GSD puppy from sadder  Empress market or from Near Airport area for as low as 2000 ruppees and would charge you from 8000 to 25,000 to cheat you. So it’s better to check the medical record of any puppy issued by some authentic vet doctor to verify the seller’s claims. It is wise to visit the seller place or home to make sure that he has the parents of puppies there. As most of the cheater sellers would make excuse that they cant show you their place or parents dogs of their puppies, as they have acquired that puppies from Saddar empress market , or any other dealer ,Their sold puppies  are also not pure bred mostly, as many buyers told me.

And those persons, who  have been targeted and lost their hard earned money by these cheaters are strongly advised, to write a written complain and send it to concerned Police station, and complaint copies should be sent to the Editor of  major Newspapers via email or fax, one copy should be emailed to me at, so I could monitor these matters , I got many calls from young persons who were cheated by those cheaters, these buyers bought their puppies for 15 to 25 thousands and their bought puppies died within few days. Almost every person tell me the same story and certain modus operandi of these cheaters.

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