Agha Maqsood posted as a DG SBCA as an OPS officer

Agha Maqsood  has been posted on a 21 grade post of DG SBCA by violating Supreme Court orders. Agha had a 19 grade but he got illegal promotion to 20 grade without any DPC.but now he has been given a 21 grade post without any legality. Earlier Agha was removed practically from his post of ADD DG SBCA for a week as he was not attending his   office, he was trying hard to get  a Post of DG SBCA and has been using Raja Nasir Abbass connections for his postings too, Raja Nasir Abbass is a PPP backed DG Of KDA. It may be noted that Raja and Agha both are seemed blue eyed boys of Asif Ali Zardari for a long time, Zardari has been seizing  the major important departments of City District Government of Karachi, He illegally took KWSB, KDA, SBCA , Master Plan, Solid Waste and all the revenue Generation parts of   KMC . Zardari has placed his puppets as Heads of these KMC origin department. But  Supreme Court is set to counter act against that miss use of power and it is  going to take stern action, and Agha would be sent home sooner than expected.Earler  Misbah Farid the MD of KSWB has been sent home by the Higher Courts.

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