Accounts & Audit officers of SBCA testify against DG and other seniors

Accounts and Audit officers of Sindh Building Control Authority have been testified against their Heads and other senior officers to NAB and ACE authorities. Assistant Accounts Officers M. Tahir, who  has been officiating as Accounts officer of SBCA has given all the details and documentary records to NAB and ACE regarding the hundreds of illegal appointments and details of wrong doings  of EX DG Kaka and present DG 1 Agha Maqsood Abbass.

Tahir has submitted that he has cleared the salary and appointment files of hundreds of illegally  inducted employees on the direction of EX DG Kaka and present DG 1 Agha Maqsood Abbass. He has provided all the related documents and copies of files to the NAB authorities and ACE officers during  previous months. Similarly another officiating Audit Officer Fazal Abbass who is  an Assistant Audit Officer of SBCA Accounts department has also submitted similar records and given his written statements in this regard.

Tahir and other officers have given their testimony by stating that their present DG 1 Agha Maqsood has been also given 20 grade illegally and they were  forced to  clear  DG Salary after clearing his file.when asked why the  Accounts officer Tahir and Audit officers Fazal Abbas did not ask the mandatory attestation from concerned Educational boards about the education certificated of newly inducted employees , both officers were nothing to say in their defense , so they give all the details of corrupt practices of their Heads and other senior officers. It maybe noted that both Tahir and Fazal were duty bound to have  the attestation letters of educational certificates from concerned Educational Boards and Universities , prior to clearing the salaries of newly appointees. But they did not bother and did  issue salaries to even 60 fake degree holders  newly illegally inducted employees , who were later terminated after  many years due to NAB probe. During these many years these fake degree holders were paid million of rupees salary illegally by the Acounts officer Tahir, as  his  name has also been given to ACE  by the SBCA Admin officer Madani.

To save his neck Tahir has become a witness against his present DG and other senior officers too he has provided the Passports  and all the overseas tours details of Senior officers of SBCA and even    provided the list of their assets and banking details, he provided the  list and addresses of multi million  worth of flats and offices addresses of Director Adil Umer Siddqui. These flats and offices are located in Land Mark Plaza , I I Chundrigar , Clifton and other areas, as per the list ,which Tahir provided. Similar lists have been provided about Safdar Magi, Deputy Diretor Pervez Akhter, Zafar Ahsan, other dozens of senior per that  list many dozens officers of SBCA have dual nationality too.

It  may be pertinent that Tahir and other officers few months ago were suspended for providing information against their senior officers as SBCA senior officers came to know about  their involvement for supplying information to other investigative Authorities. But later on his suspension was ended  as KAKA went away. KAKA issued orders for the suspension and  even subsequently  termination from service as he came to know that Tahir provided related documents to investigative agencies to save his neck. But after Manzor Abdul  Qadir Kaka went out from country then Tahir suspension was ended after ending of his three  months suspension period. Yahoo News tried to contact Tahir, Agha Maqsood Abbasi, Fazal Abbass and other related officers but they did not give their comments about that development.Few officer did talk but off record.Ronaq Sultana who is the Head of SBCA Accounts department also refused to give her version.

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