Liaquatabad Police starts raiding to arrests culprits of Building collapse case

Liaquatabad Police has been trying to arrests various person in connections of building collapse case,as one person namely Yameen has been confirmed as a deceased and one other is in very critical condition. Father, son and son in law of one family were seriously injured initially but now Yameen of that family has been died and father of that family is in critical condition .that poor family has come to attend the funeral of their relatives from Korangi, others were also injured, and all the injured were admitted in Abbassi Hospital as they were unable to afford private hospital treatment.
That illegal building is being built on pure residential plot no of 446 block 8 Liaquatabad. A Ground plus 3 structure has been built on that said plot so far. Director Zafar Ahsan has been doing nothing but minting money as he has been not taking any actions against the mushroom growth of construction of illegal building in Liaquatabad Town . Majority of these building are being built by using less cement and iron casting and structure of these all buildings are termed quite dangerous for human dwelling. Few days ago one of the estate broker Shakeel has been found providing labor and material for the maintenance and repairing of roof of Zafar Ahsan home.Shakeel and his one partner has been making all deals in the name of Zafar Ahsan in Liaquatabad No 5 to 10. That broker usually sits in Ghousia estate agency which is few yards away from the plot No of 446. And is being stated that Zafar Ahsan is unable to take any serious actions against the weekly structured illegal building as he has taken huge amount from these estate brokers.
Area sources maintain that Toufique and other builders have been building quite week structures as Taufique built four floors in just 2 months in block 5 of Liquatabaad area few weeks ago, and that building is also termed quite dangerous. Sagheer , Imran Anda Partha are reputed for building strong structured buildings although.
It may be noted that in 2009 weekly built under construction building on plot No 517 block 6 was also collapsed and 17 area residents lost their lives in that incident but no SBCA officials was arrested for that. During previous years half of dozens of weekly built structures have been fallen in the same area ie block 5 to 10 of Liquatabad.
Liaquatabad PS has registered an FIR No 41/17 against the four nominated , Tahir Tariq, Kamran, and Amir have been nominated in the FIR by the complainant Maqsood Ahmed of the area. SIO Gondal has been deputed as the Investigative officer of the case, various SBCA Officers would be also arrested in this connection by the Liqautabad Police.
On the other hand Director Liaquatabad Town Zafar Ahsan said that no building part was collapsed as only few blocks were overthrown to the area peoples , so he would not take any action against the area BI and AD, it may be pertinent to note that the 2 feet part of building was collapsed due to the use of less cement and iron in the structure as it is being done by the majority of the builders in the area with the partnership of SBCA Officers. Zafar Ahsan told that AD Sarfaraz Jamali and BI Dileep Kumar took charge of the area few days ago so they were not involved. Earlier BI Umair Daoyo , AD Raza Khushk and AD Imran Rizvi were posted in the same block but Zafar Ahan ironically told that nothing would be done against any SBCA Officers, it may be noted that all these new and old staff were involved in the matter as they were taking lacs of rupees from each builder of the area, and that amount was being taken in the name of all the officers of SCBA Liaquatabad Town , BI used to tell that they have to give money to their Director Zafar Ahsan and other senior officers for allowing the constructions of these illegal buildings. It may be noted that few one month ago Director Safdar Magsi and his team was posted in Liaquatabad Town and they patronized hundreds of illegal buildings in the area in exchange of hefty amounts, Zafar Ahsan was transferred in Liaquatabad Town few weeks ago. Safdar Magsi has been given a gifted posted in the lucrative Saddar Town due to his effective abilities of patronizing of illegal constructions in Liaquatabad.
Currently Nearly 80 illegal buildings are being built on pure residential plots of LIaquatabad no 1 to 10 by giving 12 Lacs rupees package to the SBCA officers by the builders of each building

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