ACE registers a case against 60 terminated SBCA  employees

  1. Anti Corruption Establishment has registered a case against  60 terminated   SBCA employees and Deputy Director of SBCA has been directed to appear in the ACE East office.  Audit Accounts Assistant  of SBCA Fazal Abbass and Assistant Accounts Officer Tahir have  submitted their written statement regarding the  issuance of salary to these 60 employees who were recruited in SBCA by EX DG Kaka. it may be noted that few months ago nearly 60 SCBA  employees were sacked due to their incomplete and bogus educational credentials. These employees got million of rupees as salary and other monetary benfits during their employment period, so after their termination   of services ACE initiated an inquiry and later issued notices to them to return their paid salary etc, but they did not  comply so now ACE has registered a case and Two accounts officers of SBCA were asked to appear before the Investigation officer, and submit their  statements. After the completion of formalities all 60 ex employees would be asked to appear before the ACE East Office. FIR 57/17 has been registered against SBCA officers and Asad Shah  is the IO of the case.

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