Sindh Building Control Authority  becomes an apex center for money laundering

Around 5 billion amount is being regularly sent out to dubai  and other gulf countries by the Sindh Building control Authority’s senior management on monthly basis. inside source maintain, DG SBCA Noor Laghari who is just a dummy DG has been unable to do any thing for that, and he is being used just like a puppet, all the powers are being used by the  SBCA DG 1 Agha  Maqsood Abbass. NAB FIA, Anti Corruption Establishment  Sindh  are also unable to do any thing against that due to obvious reasons. Only Non Civil investigation agencies are doing some reporting against that huge money laundering scam, but Civil government is reluctant to take any corrective actions in this regard.

Agha Maqsood and his kitchen cabinet headed  by Farhan Qaiser is responsible for that,  Farhan Qaiser has been  supported by safdar Magsi, Jameel  Memon, Waqar Memon and few other officers of Saddar, Jamshed , Liaquatabad,  North Nazimabad  ,Gadap , and Gulshan Towns. That team is assigned to accumulate billion of rupees which then are sent out to dubai and other offshore accounts.

Admin officers of SBCA are also being used for that purpose as  lucrative posts are only given to  selected officers by bypassing the  honest and   deserving  Officers, so the promotions are also given on the same criteria, Director Admin Ghazanfar and his Deputy Madani also don’t have to say anything to clear their position. Both officers are being used by the DG SBCA for  completing his personal interests from SBCA.

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