BI Umair Daoyo builds 80 illegal buildings in Liaquatabad with partners

Director Liaquatabad Zafar Ahsan has been supporting and protecting BI Umair Daoyo despite his involvement in corrupt practice. Director has been protecting  BI Umair Daoyo as he has  been just transferred out from Liaquatabad Town to Jamshed Town, which is more lucrative Town. Earlier Safdar Magsi who was the main supporter of Umair was also transferred out to more lucrative Town ie Jamsheed Town for compensating his patronage of illegal buildings in Liaquatabad during his tenure in Liaquatabad, so the rule of thumb is that the  more corruption the officer does the more lucrative areas are given to him as a gift!

Nearly 80  illegal flats type buildings were being built in Liaqutabad Block 1 to 10 and each builder has been  giving 8 lacs rupees to BI  Umair  Daoyo for allowing the construction of his illegal G+5 sites. Liaquatabad Infrastructure has been  devastated by the connivance of Builders mafia and BI Umair Daoyo as G+5 floors are being built on a 90 yards small residential plot. Earlier BI Nadeem was the partner of area builders, Nadeem was also suspended for only one day and then he was  transferred out to korangi Town for the time being by the Admin department of SBCA. Deputy Director Admin Madani issued the posting orders for those corrupt Officers. Now BI dileep and   AD sarfaraz Jamali has been taking nearly 8 to 12 lacs from the each  illegal G+5 building being built in Liaquatabad number 5 to 10. Initially  AD Imran Rizvi was posted in the same area for a week and he also greased his palm and took nearly 50 lacs rupees from    dozens of builders during his posting period  of nearly one week.

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