UC Secretaries take advantages of local Females

Non Local UC’s Secretaries black mail Local females

Karachi: Citizens of Karachi have been paying Bhatta money to the UC Secretaries and other lower staff for having their basic Certificates  issued from them. According to laws Birth , Marriage.Divorce and death Certificates are made by Union Councils of the  related  area  for many years. But  in the presence of UC Nazims Citizens were not facing such great difficulties, but now almost all the UCs have been creating troubles for the citizens,   Daily thousands of Citizens are being forced to pay bhatta to the Sindhi secretaries of Unions Councils , as 95 percent UC Secretaries are Sindhis and  they have been appointed in the Karachi areas, by depriving the rights of Locals.

Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death Certificates are issued with the collaboration of  NADRA, but every citizen is asked to visit UC Secretary Offices many times without any necessity just to linger on the process, UC staff which were appointed from the  Sindh Unified  Group of very lower scale have been asking citizens to give them thousands of rupees for giving them Birth or Divorced Certificates.

Many divorced females who  go to  obtain their Certificate of Divorce from the UCs are forced to visit multiple times to  the UC Secretaries offices without any  need, majority of females complained that they were asked to fulfill the immoral wishes of the UC’s Secretaries, many complained that they were being constantly getting the objectionable calls from the UC’s Secretaries, if they don’t  fulfill the  wishes of UC secretary then they are pressurized to a great extent and their  divorced Certificate Is rejected to issue or it Is issued after many  months.

UC Secretaries of East,  Korangi,  Malirs are active using these tactics, one female  who went to have the divorce  Certificate from the UC of Malir was forced to visit the UC secretary  office many time and the concerned Secretary was using delaying tactics, when contacted by the Yahoo News the UC Secretary told that he has not  receiving the NADRA papers for issuing the  NADRA divorced Certificates so he could not issue these Certicates in time, but on the contrary the complainant female told Yahoo News that he saw many  NADRA Papers in the Office of UC Secretary by her eyes!

Daily Yahoo News tried to contact the Administrator and  Municipal Commissioner  of Malir but he was not able to pick his cell phone and his office phone lines were also not attended by any body.

So it seems that Locals of Karachi are being left totally in the  mercy of corruption , which is creating a great sense of deprivations among locals by every passing day

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