DG SBCA becomes a heavy Liability for Karachi and SBCA, Add DG reputation on stake also!

By Tausif Hanif

Daily Yahoo News

21st May 2020 12:45 PM

Karachi, Frere Road.

DG SBCA Naseem Sehto has been fully failed to curb the mushroom constructions of illegal and weakly structured buildings in Liaquatabad specailly and generally all over the city area.
The New DG has been proved as inefficient and ignorance of his duties as one can expect from any such non technical and inefficient selected type of DG. DG has become a heavy liability for the city infra structure and SBCA department

He has been destroying the already depleted infra structure of Karachi by promoting construction of thousands of illegal multi storied illegal buildings.
Add DG Ashkar Dawar has neither the power and nor the resources to do so also. Add DG reputation is also being damaged by that way.

Illegal constructions can only be controlled or minimized by establishing an over see committee which is mandatory as per concerned rules, but PPP has not been establishing any such power full autonomous over see committee, as if that committee is formed then how can PPP pocket multi billion ruppees via SBCA.

DG SBCA Naseem Sehto and Add DG Ashkar dawar were asked to give their version over about the constructions of ongoing 20 illegal 7 storied buildings in Liaquatabad . they were asked why they were not taking any action against these illegal buildings, but so far they could not stop these constructions.
Illegal constructions are being done in Luaquatabad on plots numbers ;8/126,8/127,8/306,8/184,7/159,7/319,5/436,5/943,5/907,5/916,5/716,5/520,5/521,9/32 b area
92 Qasimabad,R 227 Sharifabad ,R 278 sharifabad,R 675 sharifabad.

When contacted and asked why he has not been posting effective officers in Liaquatabad who can take any action against such illegal constructions, DG replied that let the Director LQT Ejaz asses the issue.

Now its crystal clear that DG has been playing a Noora Khushti as he is there to support and protect illegal buildings instead of curbing them.

Adil Omar Siddiqui , jameel Memon and others senior officers who were insisting on demolitions of illegal buildings were sidelined and were suspended on non clear charges.

The real culprits officers who were actively promoting illegal buildings ie Ali Mehdi Kazmi. Safdar Magsi.Amir Kamal jaffery and related officers were rewarded with lucrative postings.

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