DG SBCA Sehto becomes the Scapegoat

DG SBCA Sehto becomes the Scapegoat

2nd May 2020,at 11:57 AM

DG Sindh Building Control Authority Naseem Abdul Ghani Sehto has become just a puppet of Sindh Government as Sindh govt wants him to act like a facilitator for their vested interests. On the other side DG has been trying to save himself by not signing key files and controversial orders too.

He has also been complaining that he has been placed under the provincial Secretary command, although he had also enjoyed the secretary level post in the past. He has been feeling uneasy to obey Secretary local govt Roshan Ali commands.

Secondly he is being forced not to high light the 22 crore funds embezzlement, which was allocated for the one window Facility of computer section of SBCA few months ago. But the huge chunk of that amount was pocketed by the then DG of SBCA Zafar Ahsan and other concerned officials and persons.

Incharge computer section Asma ghyoor was so afraid that she ran away by leaving the country. She was given the ex Pakistan leave in the back dates by Zafar Ahsan.Zafar Ahsan approved her leave application in back dates, although he was not entitled to sign the approval as he was removed from his post by the Supreme Court.

One Senior officer suspension order is being also withdrawn in coming days.He may be promoted subsequently as the 2nd Add DG of SBCA.

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